Pip "Fast Brain" Longtail

A strengths based story about ADHD for parents and kids.

Meet Pip Longtail a monkey who dreams of becoming a champion racer. Pip has a fast brain, but to win the Champions Raceway, they need to acquire important skills to navigate and finish all the levels that lead up to the final test. 

This is a strengths-based book that uses simple analogies to explain key ADHD traits and the tools and strategies you can use to help your child develop important skills. 

The content of this book is based on lived experience and the work of Dr. Russell Barkley and Dr. Thomas E Brown, world-renowned ADHD experts. 

Theme Overview

To get the most out of this book, we encourage you to read it with your child, discuss Pip’s experiences, and use the work pages at the end to work collaboratively on finding solutions for your child’s challenges.

Each racetrack in the book uses age-appropriate language and analogies to explain ADHD traits:  

Level 1: "brake"

Teaches children how to slow down a fast brain so that it can make less impulsive decisions.  

Level 2: "read signs"

Encourages children to recognise when their brain gets stuck in a thought loop and teaches them strategies to get unstuck.  

Level 3: "make fuel"

Helps children understand the impact of ADHD on their executive functions (initiation, self-motivation, and sustained attention)  

Level 4: "steer"

Explains the difficulties of making transitions, especially when the brain is in hyperfocus mode, and offers scaffolds to help your child move from one task to another.  

We hope that this book will provide you and your family with the language and insights needed to navigate ADHD. 

The book is coming out soon! Pre-order your copy now.