Empowering Teachers: Supporting Students with ADHD

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The “Supporting Students with ADHD” booklet is a comprehensive resource designed to help educators gain a deeper understanding of ADHD and provide practical strategies to support students in the classroom. Parents can also utilise this valuable tool to equip their child’s teachers with essential knowledge about ADHD. Download the booklet now to empower educators and set your child up for success.



Content Overview

Supporting students with ADHD at school is an essential booklet for teachers and parents. Gain a deeper understanding of what ADHD looks like in the classroom and how to best support students with positive strategies and tools.

Introductory price of $10 until 31st May 2024! From June 1st the cost will return to $15.

  • What is it?
  • Presentations
  • Executive functions
  • Looks like this
  • Sensory processing
  • Find the strengths
  • Classroom support: Individual support strategies
  • Classroom support: Adjustments and accommodations
  • Classroom support: Movement and sensory regulation tools
  • Classroom support: Assistive technology and organisational tools
  • Regulation support – Level 1 Connection
  • Regulation support – Level 2 Prevention
  • Regulation support – Level 3 Recognition
  • Regulation support – Level 4 Co-regulation
  • Handout: 11 things about me
  • Student template: About Me Download a FREE sample
  • Poster: Ask why and why now?
  • References
  • Further education links
Deeper Understanding

Gain insights into what ADHD looks like in the classroom and develop a deeper understanding of the challenges students with ADHD face.

Practical Strategies

Discover a range of proven strategies and techniques to effectively support students with ADHD and create an inclusive learning environment.

Home-School Connection

The information and strategies provided in the booklet can also be applied at home, creating consistency and synergy between home and school environments.

Key Benefits

Booklet Features

Comprehensive Content

Explore various sections covering topics such as executive functions, sensory processing, individual support strategies, classroom adjustments, assistive technology, and more.

Ready-to-Use Template

Utilise the included “About Me” template to provide educators with important information about a child’s strengths, challenges, and specific needs.

Evidence-Based Practices

Benefit from the expertise of professionals and educators with research-backed recommendations and references for further learning.

User-Friendly Format

The booklet is designed for easy navigation, making it convenient for busy educators and parents to access the information they need.

Conditions of use:
1. The purchase of this booklet includes the individual use for one family and one teacher.
2. Distribution of the booklet to multiple families or multiple teachers or multiple practitioners is not allowed.
3. Explicit approval is needed for distribution of the booklet
You will get a PDF (5MB) file