Collaborate with Keywell for Neurodiversity Solutions

Partner with Keywell to access innovative neurodiversity solutions and join us in making a positive impact. Whether you are an investor seeking promising opportunities or an allied health clinic looking to license our groundbreaking app, we offer partnership options that align with your goals and values. 

Licensing Opportunities

Partner with Keywell to license our flagship app, a powerful tool for tracking observations, identifying triggers, and supporting children with neurodevelopmental differences. Expand your offerings and provide your clients with an evidence-based solution designed to make a difference.

Investment Opportunities

Join us on our mission to create a more inclusive world by exploring investment opportunities with Keywell. Support our growth and contribute to the development of cutting-edge resources, programs, and initiatives that empower neurodivergent individuals and their communities.

Collaboration and Consultation

Engage in collaborative partnerships with Keywell, leveraging our expertise in the field of neurodiversity. Collaborate on research, content development, or joint initiatives to advance the understanding and support neurodiversity.