Empowering Schools to Create Inclusive Learning Environments

Unlock a range of valuable resources and services tailored to support schools in creating inclusive learning environments for neurodiverse students. From our enriching workshops to exclusive content and practical resources, we provide educators with the tools they need to foster understanding, implement inclusive practices, and empower every student to thrive. 

Keywell Teacher Resources

Supporting Students with ADHD: A comprehensive booklet for educators, providing valuable insights and practical strategies to effectively support students with ADHD in the classroom. Empowering teachers with knowledge and tools for creating an inclusive and successful learning environment. 


Professional Workshops

Participate in our professional workshops led by experienced educators and specialists in neurodiversity. Gain practical strategies, insights, and guidance to create inclusive classrooms, support diverse learning needs, and foster a positive educational experience for all students. 

Exclusive Content

Unlock Premium Resources and Tools for Parents, Educators and Individuals.

Access exclusive content designed specifically for educators to deepen their understanding of neurodiversity and equip them with effective teaching strategies. Explore topics such as differentiated instruction, classroom accommodations, and more.

See what you may gain access to...

My fast brain feels bumps strongly
Fast brains feel emotions strongly and can easily get stuck in a loop
Published by Keywell
12 June, 2023
What can underlie behaviour? Poster
Behaviour is the symptom, be prepared to dig deeper and find the cause.
Published by Keywell
7 July, 2023
My brain is super fast
My fast brain needs stronger brakes!
Published by Keywell
12 June, 2023

 Practical Resources

Discover a variety of practical resources, including classroom accommodations and adjustments, visual aids, and emotion regulation strategies. These resources are designed to help educators support neurodivergent students and create engaging and inclusive learning experiences. 

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