a look at some famous ADHD role models
a look at some famous ADHD role models

Kids quiz – Who is your ADHD role model?

Did you know that by the age of 12, children with ADHD receive 20,000 more negative messages than their neurotypical friends?

Need to know: A look at some famous ADHD role models

Did you know that by the age of 12, children with ADHD receive 20,000 more negative messages than their neurotypical friends?

As a parent, it’s my responsibility to build my kids up and to safeguard their self-esteem. There is no doubt that ADHD is at times a challenging condition, but there is power in knowing that there are many successful people living with ADHD. 

Knowledge of the condition and how it affects your child, can help you to find the right treatment and to advocate for the right accommodations at school. Download the accommodations and strengths at school sheets.

This quiz was designed to be a fun activity for kids and to open the conversation about the possibilities available to them. And who knows, perhaps inspire them to follow a dream! 

Take the “Who is your ADHD role model” quiz!

Be inspired by some famous ADHD’ers

  • Justin Bieber – Singer
  • Justin Timberlake – Singer, Actor, Producer
  • Celeste Barber – Comedian
  • Jamie Oliver – Celebrity Chef
  •  Em Rusciano – Comedian, Writer & Singer 
  • Zooey Deschanel – Musician, Actress & Model
  • Brittney Spears – Musician
  • Solange Knowles – Singer
  • Hannah Gadsby – Comedian & Actress
  • Adam Levine – Musician & Entrepreneur
  • Blondinbella – Swedish Entrepreneur & Author
  • David Neeleman – Aviation Entrepreneur, founded JetBlue.
  • Paul Orfalea – Founder of Kinko’s
  • Ingvar Kamprad – IKEA founder and chairman
  • Steve Madden – Shoe Designer
  • Lara Mendonça – Head of Design at Twitter
  • Katherine Ellison – Author
  • Lisa Ling – Journalist, Author & TV Personality
  • Louise Mensch – Blogger & Novelist
  • Terry Bradshaw – Superbowl Champion & Sports Commentator
  • Cammi Granato – Olympic Hockey Player
  • Tim Howard – Soccer Star
  • Shaquille O’Neal – Basketball Star
  • Pete Rose – Baseball Star
  • Karina Smirnoff – Professional Dancer
  • Shane Victorino – Major League Baseball Player
  • Dean Kamen – Inventor
  • Bill Gates – Computer Whiz & Entrepreneur
  • David Allen Patterson – Author & Researcher

Remember, children all have gifts that are just waiting to be unwrapped – you can focus on the deficits or you can nurture their strengths. Keywell helps you focus on the moments your child shines, as much as it helps you uncover the things that get in their way.

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