The Keywell App

Understand your child

Designed in consultation with parents, this is the ultimate companion on your journey of raising a neurodivergent child. Observe, record, and monitor your concerns and the external factors that influence your child’s wellbeing, gain valuable insights into what sets in motion challenging moments, and make informed decisions to help support their growth and wellbeing.   

Key Benefits of the Keywell App

Streamline Communication

Easily communicate observations and progress to your child's allied health team, ensuring everyone is on the same page and can provide targeted support.

Uncover Triggers

Identify the patterns and triggers that underlie your child's wellbeing, empowering you to make informed decisions about support, accommodations and adjustments.

Foster Awareness

Prioritise self-reflection and increase awareness of how you feel when you respond to your child, enabling you to become a calmer and more effective parent.

Stay Informed

Access relevant and up-to-date information based on research and lived experience, keeping you equipped to navigate your child's learning, relationships and daily life.

App Features

The Keywell app helps you connect with your child on a deeper level by gaining a clearer understanding of the challenges they face within their environment.
Uncover the triggers, make informed decisions, and provide the support they need to thrive.

Track Sleep

Understand the impact of sleep on your child's cognitive functioning and emotional regulation. Identify patterns and make adjustments to improve your child's day-to-day.

Record Medications & Supplements

Stay on top of your child's medications and/or supplements with personalised reminders. Assess the effect on functioning, regulation, and sleep, ensuring the best support for your child.

Track & Monitor What Matters

Acknowledge the important things and investigate what gets in the way of your child doing well. Use self-reflection to understand how your responses and reactions influence your child's wellbeing.

Record Therapies

Keep notes on what was discussed in your child's appointments so you never forget. Evaluate the impact of each therapy, so that you can focus on the most valuable supports.

View Weekly & Monthly Insights

Visualise your child's sleep, medications, observations, and therapies to uncover meaningful patterns. Use it to make informed decisions on adjustments to support your child's wellbeing. Share it as a PDF with your medical team so they can make better informed decisions.

Gain Knowledge & Practical Strategies

Access a curated collection of articles designed to equip you with the tools and insights to make you a calmer and more effective parent.

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