Not able to keep on track of everything + understanding what impacts child

I’m a single mother to three kids. My youngest is autistic and has ADHD. I also have ADHD, three kids and a job that carries a lot of pressure. I was struggling to keep up with the “homework” my child’s OT assigned me and remembering to give my child their medication on time.


I wanted to keep better track of the notes from our OT appointments so I didn’t forget the exercises we had to do at home. I also needed an extra reminder to give my child their medication at the right time.


I was planning on using the Keywell app to do both the therapy notes and medication reminders, but what I found was that I became even more aware of what my child was going through.


I liked that I felt on top of things, but what I got most value from was understanding the root cause of why my child wasn’t coping. I never stopped to think about it, but after recording what was happening it became clear that they struggled when they did sport, playdates, etc on the same day. There was too much on and I have reduced a lot of what we now do which has helped the whole family!

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