Starting new medication

My husband and I are parents to a 7 year old boy named Dean and 10 year old girl called Danni. Dean has been having issues at school since starting kindergarten and things have been getting progressively worse. We have struggled at home with Dean because of his aggression and constant arguments about not doing what he is asked.


A paediatrician diagnosed Dean with ADHD and started him on Ritalin but we didn’t feel it was beneficial. The same issues were present. When we went back to the paediatrician he said he wanted to add Intuniv. I was worried about adding another medication and wanted to track carefully how it was going to affect Dean.


I downloaded the Keywell app after hearing about it from a friend. I started tracking both medications, his sleep pattern, and the behaviour that was concerning me. I didn’t record therapy because he wasn’t doing any, but I focused on making sure I monitored everything relevant using the app.



I found that his behaviour got worse over the first two weeks but by the end of the month we started seeing a huge difference. Using the Keywell app made me feel less anxious about trying new medication. I’m glad I stuck with it and when we went back to see the paediatrician he was able to look at everything I had tracked.

Unexpectedly, I found that Thursday and Friday mornings were extra challenging and realised that it coincided with before school care. We have now changed our family schedule so Dean doesn’t have to attend before school care and the days go so much better for him and us.

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