New psychologist wanted more information

My daughter is a very anxious child and we have been seeing a psychologist for a few years for treatment. Our amazing psychologist left the practice and the replacement wanted to gain a better understanding of what was going on with my daughter.


Our psychologist recommended that we use the Keywell app to track our observations. They felt that they needed more information to provide my daughter with more accurate treatment.


I blocked out 5 minutes every day after the kids went to bed to record what happened that day. I then sent the psychologist an extract every week so that we could discuss everything in our fortnightly sessions.


Once I got into a routine it was easy to get it done. I found that it was really helpful to reflect on everything that happened during the day, something I hadn’t done before. After a couple of months, both the psychologist and I started to notice that there were things going on that could be more than anxiety. Many of the issues were related to food and social interactions, which I had never picked out before. The psychologist did the ADOS test and my daughter was diagnosed with ASD level 2. Everything related to her anxiety made so much more sense!

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