Stuck in a negative pattern

My husband and I have a baby and a 10 year old boy (Raj) who was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD at 7. He is on medication, but apart from him helping focus during school hours it doesn’t help with anything else.


I’ve been finding it difficult to connect with Raj for a long time and have become less patient and more reactive to his behaviour. Having a baby doesn’t help because I don’t get much sleep. My husband says that I “add fuel to the fire” when he acts out, but I haven’t been able to change


My sister in law has been using the app with my nephew and suggested I try it. She said I could use it to put my own reactions into perspective, as well as give me a way to focus on the positive things that Raj was doing. I took her advice and recorded my observations, but what made the biggest difference was that I made myself acknowledge three positive things every day.


I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it made to how I was feeling about my own child. I started this process loving my son but not really enjoying being his parent. My daily routine of acknowledging the positive things had an incredible impact on my outlook and my mental health. The more I reflected, the more I realised that I was responsible for a lot of the challenges we were having.

I started seeing a therapist because I found that I was regularly yelling and I knew it was a problem. We are 6 months down the track and the Keywell app has become part of me being a more positive parent. I hold myself accountable on a daily basis for how I respond to Raj because I don’t want to fall into old habits.

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